Brigitte Caramanna

I am fascinated by the complexity, fragility, and precious quality present in the natural world. I closely observe countless textures and intricacies. As I study these details patterns assert themselves. My intention is to convey the transcendent and sublime beauty that exists in all natural environments and life forms.

My process relates to the serene, spiritual presence nature possesses. I experience a connection to certain forms and take time to be methodical and contemplative as I examine them. Intaglio printmaking has been the most satisfying in allowing extensive involvement and precision. I am deliberate in the representation of each drawing; my goal is to convey intricacies in each print.

The natural world provides me with inspiration although the colors I create and the juxtapositions I compose are often imaginative. I intend for my work to be closely observed and for those who do to feel as if they are discovering worlds, atmospheres, and forms of life. Ultimately, I would like viewers to contemplate their existence and significance relating to the universe while realizing the eminence and beauty of all life forms and natural processes.